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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Simple Things

Simple things that bring a smile to my face :)

Sitting at the balcony, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day, second best to a cup of hot peppermint or camomile tea.

Getting your hands on your favourite magazines that had you waiting for weeks, and reading it at your favourite coffee shop. I especially love the ambience, everybody is so relaxed.

Cooking your favourite food with one of your favourite people. In this case, it's my mum. She cooks the most mouth-watering food and makes me chant, " I want more! I want more! " Teehee.

This is the outcome, it tastes as good as it looks. Believe me :) Once you start. you can't stop. Of course, best eaten with steamed rice and with hands.

The best thing? It goes with any food 



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    1. haha, yes. It is THAT good :D Have not seen you for quite some time, everything good ? :)