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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This week I can't get enough of 

1. Wedding videos
I am probably a big fan and will always watch them, anytime, anywhere. Especially when I need something to perk me up, or while taking a break while studying. It is not that I am THAT desperate to get married, but it is the feeling of happiness and the in-awe moments when you are watching them. Some are not even their wedding videos, it is just their "Save The Date" video. Nevertheless, the videos are really heart warming and never fails to brighten up your day.

2. Yuna 
No, not the one from Korea. It is our very own Malaysian! Although I know who she is, but sadly I have to admit I never really bothered to go and check out her songs. But, when I did, I was wondering what the hell took me so long to discover her songs. #omaigawdwherehaveyoubeeninmylife
She did Malaysia soo so so proud.

Do you know that Pretty Little Liars used her song in one of their episodes too ? ;)

 Oh how I wish local radios would air more of her songs. I tell you, almost every one of them is a good song. My faves of the lot are Favourite Thing, Fading Flower and Island.

Oh, few more days and the weekend is here! Can't wait.
Here's to a good weekend you guys! x

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