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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bookie Time - The Book of Awesome

So, recently I have been reading a really bloody good book and yes, I HAVE to blog about it. I bought it in Book Access which is one of my favourite bookstore to go, as the books are really affordable.

*Drum rolls*
Presenting the main star :

Tadaaaa, this book here may look plain, but always, people say don't judge a book by its cover, which is true because the contents may surprise you. I thought it was a really inspiring read and it has taught me to be grateful and really learn to enjoy the really simple things in life.

So here are some things that awesome things I really like from the book :
1. When you arrive at your destination just as great song ends on the radio
Yes, this is definitely amazing. It is like the Dj and you the driver somehow can "connect", and even awesome when you found a parking space and manage to park your car perfectly.For me, the song I can't get over with is Glad You Came by The Wanted.

2. The smell of the coffee aisle in the grocery store
I tell you, THIS. This is the one. Omigosh, how it perked you up and you just feel like for a second, the world is so much better. Although I am not a 100% coffee person, believe me, as a student having her class at 8 am on some days, it is so much better.

3. Trip and realizing no one saw you
Oh, this! Ahahahahaha omigosh the memories come flooding right in! Seriously, but when there are people watching, you know what I do? I won't look around, I would just stand right back up, give my knees a lil'dusting and pretend nothing just happened. Aha, like a boss :P

But, this, me has to disagree :
==> Old playground equipment
For me, I won't even bother to get near it. I am really scared of being in pain and there is a high chance of getting your foot stabbed by a rusty nail. And a lot more complications to come.

These little things, may seem insignificant to you, but learning to appreciate these things make you a happier person. That is, for me.

Read any books lately? Share it if you like! :)

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