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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yum in my tums

I just had to say that I enjoyed this combination so so much. I am never a big fan of chocolates or Nutella but recently, I made myself a cup of nutella flavoured milk and never looked back since! Will post the how-tos on Nutella milk when I am done with some stuff. (which currently are keeping me occupied with work)

This was a great chicken salad which I tried at Wondermama. Their prices are quite reasonable, me thinks. So far, the one I have been to is the one at Avenue K, the one in Bangsar I have yet to pay a visit.

Surely this is one of the highlights of the week. Haagen-Dazs was kind enough to send their latest flavour - their milk ice cream to the company (Which I am currently interning at) for all of us to try. Naturally, when you put us girls and ice cream together - rainbows happen ya know.What a good start to the first week of internship!
Walking around Avenue K and saw this Urbean cafe, so decided to try. It was tea time so mum and I opted for less heavy stuff so that we are able to enjoy dinner later. The food was fantastic, and I really , REALLY like their mocha. People may want the mocha to be a bit bitter but to me, it is just nice :)
Love me a good ole cup of granola with yogurt, paired with my favourite English Breakfast Tea. English Breakfast tea has always been my favourite. Whenever I have the I-wanna-try-new-tea-but-decided-not-to moment, I will always revert back to it. But if strong teas are not your cup of tea (pun intended hehe), then might as well go for something else.
"Sometimes, people forget that simplicity is the best" How true it is. Sometimes, we keep piling on things - thinking that it will make us look prettier. In the end, just a one thing or two will do the trick. :)

Here's to more food adventures! 

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