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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Friday's Letters

Hmm, I am two days late but it is always to be late than never right ? 
So, let's get started.

Dear Sunday morning , 
I love you so much, you make me feel like I can start off anew. 

Dear morning walks, 
you always make me feel happy especially there are some really cute mynahs looking for ways to eat that lil' piece of biscuit.

Dear Chemistry, 
I enjoy studying about you but how I wish the professor would slow down a bit. Too fast and I can't breathe.

Dear Home, 
Oh god, how much I yearn for you. My family have no idea how much I miss them. Looking at the bright side, I am going home next Friday, a lil' patience shall do the trick. As much as i like you, uni life, home is always where the heart is.

Dear coffee,
I am so happy that I am going to see you again as I am suffering from deprivation of real good coffee :D 

Dear Bangsar,
I can't wait to visit you again. You are one of the places I am grew up with and lots have changed but the warm feeling I have whenever I visit you :D

Dear Mollie Makes and The Simple Things mags,
Please arrive Malaysia asap. Seriously, I am hooked to you guys! Esp. The Simple Things, your latest edition is in my sister's favourite colour. So, do come faster :D

Dear The Script, 
These few days I am addicted to your song - The man who can't be moved. Again. I guess good things are just meant to be listened over and over again.

Dear next weekend,
Please come to me as fast as you can :D

xx Sue 


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